COLIMADORES – An Exhibition of Contemporary Cuban Photography

Since the Revolution, contemporary Cuban photography has explored a number of new paths. With influences from Pop Art, Photorealism, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, and other movements, it has developed into an artistically creative, intellectual, and symbolic medium that makes use of performative and other combinatory approaches. Contemporary Cuban photography shows an interest in the investigation into individuality as a means of questioning the collective, the mystic, the aesthetic, the ideological, and even the political.

The populist and “sweetened” photographs of the post-revolutionary era have undergone a social, political, and spiritual transformation. The exhibition COLIMADORES thus raises questions regarding the meaning of the Cuban Revolution for society, as well as for the individual and his own personal development.

COLIMADORES examines the high culture of Cuban photography, its development between the post-revolutionary era and the present day, and simultaneously presents a side of Cuba that may appear unfamiliar to the viewer. 

On view are works by Alain Cabrera, Alberto Díaz “Korda”, Alejandro González, Alfredo Sarabia Jr. and Sen., Alfredo Ramos, Carlos Garaicoa, Cirenaica Moreira, Glenda Salazar, Harold Vázquez, Juan Carlos Alom, Julio Imperatori, Leandro Feal, Ley MA, Ossain Raggi, Osvaldo Salas, Pablo V. Bordón, Pedro Abascal, Raúl Corrales, René Peña, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, Rigoberto Díaz, Rodney Batista, Yoel Mayor, Raul Canibaño, and Chang Castan Arien.

The exhibition has been curated by Frency Fernández Rosales, art critic and Professor for Art History in Havana, and organised in cooperation with the initiators (Prof. Dr. Dagmar Wohler and Prof. Andrea Sunder-Plassmann) of the project ‘senselAB’, which is dedicated on an interdisciplinary level to sensory perception and its meaning in various contexts, including artistic practice, art history, theory and education, and philosophy.