My Cuba - Photographs

"Cuba is pure joy, Cuba is colorful and feminine, sings and dances. My photographs show the beauty, serenity and wealth of this country  - a different Cuba from the one the media parades before us."

With these words, Michael Horbach describes the subject of the first exhibition of his own photographs which will be on display in the art rooms until March 1st 2013. Over 300 photographs that Michael Horbach took during his trips to Cuba between 2008 and 2009 will be shown. They reflect his personal views of this complex and fascinating country. In different series, he pursues recurring themes such as music, dance, landscapes, and portraits of the Cuban population. The images show the beauty, serenity and wealth of the country without having to indulge in the usual stereotypical clichés.

A lavishly designed book with explanatory essays by Michael Horbach, Professor Klaus Honnef and Alexander C. Totter will be published on the occasion of the exhibition.