Clemens Kaletsch – Europe Unlimited

Clemens Kaletsch‘s exhibition – “Europe unlimited” – represents a (re-)discovery of the painterly as such. Born in 1957 and counted among the “Junge Wilde” (wild youth) of the 1980s in Germany, Kaletsch presents works from 2007 through 2014, which consciously address the history and culture of Europe. The exhibition reflects “the concept of the unlimited, i.e. Europe unlimited,” the artist explains.  Related exhibitions were previously presented in the Kunstmuseum Mülheim (“Europe Feeling”, 2008) and Galería Jule Kewenig in Palma de Majorca (“Europe Tools”, 2009). “His work is painting in its purest form,” the FAZ wrote on the occasion of his exhibition in Mülheim.

The works of this exceptional artist can be (re-)discovered in the large, light-filled main exhibition space of the foundation.