Luis Maraver was born in Andalusia in 1957 and has been living and working on Mallorca since 1972.


Maraver is both a painter and a sculptor. In the Michael Horbach Foundation, he is presenting figurative installations with clay, branches and other materials either found in nature or recycled. Drawings and paintings complement the sculptural works. The one-man show is based on the exhibition The Imaginary Trip, which was presented in the Contemporary Museum in Porreres and Galerie Fran Reus, both on Mallorca.

The works on view refer to the biblical story of Noah’s Ark: According to the “Book of Genesis”, God commanded Noah, a righteous man, to build an ark to save his family and all species of animals from a horrible deluge.

The exhibition reveals itself to be a metaphor for the threat of a global climate catastrophe and the shortcomings of humankind: the story of a deluge on the day of the Last Judgment, in which only a select few are saved; a second chance for all species. Following the quote from the Bible, Maraver has constructed a dreamlike and metaphoric world, which is burdened by contemporary man and his struggle for survival.

Maraver is interested in mankind in critical border situations. His works thus often have something sombre about them – on first or second glance; or they seem to contrast with their surroundings. In this way, the artist achieves highly irritating moments.