Talat Alaiyan-Stiftung und Förderverein e.V.

The Talat Alaiyan Foundation aims to provide opportunities for Palestinian and Israeli children to get to know each other in Germany and tries to turn enemies into friends.

The main task of the foundation is the support of the peace movement by means such as education, personal contact and reconciliation between children of Palestine, Israel and Germany during a 2-week vacation in Germany.  In addition to that, the foundation provides humanitarian, social and medical aid for children that are affected and traumatized by violence and war.

The donated money is utilized to invite children between 10 and 16 years (half of them Israelis, half of them Palestinians) for several weeks to Germany. Meeting each other in a neutral and peaceful environment will help remove prejudices and foster a better understanding of each other and the history of Palestine, Israel and Germany.

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